Section 5 : North Western


The shops in Section 5 will be giving each hopper 2 thread peels or 2 bobbin holders. Visit all eight shops and come away with 8 thread peels and 8 bobbin holders.

Section 5 will also have an exclusive pattern for the 2022 Shop Hop which will feature the shop hop fabric. The pattern is only available at the Section 5 shops.

Join the shops of Section 5 for Sunday Funday
Visit all 8 shops on Sunday, June 12th from 10 to 5
Available to Sunday Funday Hoppers only… A free popsicle block kit. Collect all 8!

    8 Slimline 3 Table Lamps
    Alice L - New Richmond, WI
    Alli A - Milton, WI
    Gail S - Hudson, WI
    Cathy M - Grand Marsh, WI
    Pam V - Hudson, WI
    Carol B - Chippewa Falls, WI
    Tammy Ze - Strum, WI
    Roxy S - Hudson, WI

Eligibility: To be eligible for a section’s prizes you must visit all shops in the section.

*Note: Due to close proximity zoom in to view the locations for Doyles Farm & Home and A Little Piece of Mind.