Section 6 : North Central


Visit each shop in Section 6 to receive a free quilt block pattern.

Complete Section 6 to receive a finishing pattern to assemble all the blocks to create a quilt.

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    Pressing Package: Olisa Iron, Iron Storing Case & Wool Pressing Mat
    name, city name WI
    Scissor Package: 3 Pairs of Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Scissors
    name, city name WI
    Cutting Package: Quilters Select Ruler and Rotary Cutter
    name, city name WI
    Extra Large Tutto Sewing Machine Case
    name, city name WI
    2 in 1 LED Magnifier and Table Light
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Eligibility: To be eligible for a section’s prizes you must visit all shops in the section.

*Note: Due to close proximity, zoom in to view the two shop locations in Wausau, Sew Smart & The Needle Workshop/The Quilting Workshop.